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Welcome to my web site. I offer effective therapy to clients in Washington DC and Maryland that delivers meaningful results. We will begin in the very first session to address your difficulties and improve your self awareness. ¬†Entering psychotherapy invokes both hope and dread. You want to change how you are living your life and fear that it will be too difficult or even impossible to change. I appreciate the courage it takes to consider your current position and seek better ways to deal with life’s challenges. I welcome the opportunity to work with you to increase your ability to face your emotional truth and overcome the obstacles to your goals. Working together as a team, we can discover the structure of your problem and determine steps you can take toward reaching your goal.

Therapist Margo Silberstein Washington DC

Margo Silberstein, EdD

My intention is to challenge you while offering a supportive and compassionate presence. Effective psychotherapy requires the correct balance of challenge and support for optimum learning and change to take place. I expect that our work together will produce an immediate sense of clarity and relief. Regardless of the issues that bring you to therapy, we will focus on the strengths which you bring to meet your challenges and clarify the necessary steps to take to reach your goals.