Read about how my ISTDP therapy has improved the lives of my clients:


“Your gentle guidance and support has helped me overcome some of the most difficult challenges of my life. Thanks to you. I am learning to be on my own side—and I intend to stay there! I know I wouldn’t be in such a great place today if it weren’t for you.”


“The gratitude comes from the deepest well of respect, care and awe. You are truly brilliant in the way you help others shine”


“Once again, thanks for everything you helped me to accomplish. Better say, thank you for the self-awareness journey that you helped me to start. I look back and realize the person I was and the person I am now.”


“Thank you for all you have done to help me face some important truths about how I internalize and avoid my feelings. You have helped me to feel fear, sadness, anger and abandonment and to not let anxiety stop me from embracing these feelings and to go through them. These feelings are not to be afraid of. I can survive these feelings and I no longer have the same uncomfortability I had when we began meeting.”


“I have learned a lot from you. I feel so much closer to other people now. I want to be in their company and enjoy things with them. In the past, I felt like it’s me against the world. Now I constantly listen to music. Before I came here I had stopped. I feel more alive. It was part of the closing down process. I didn’t want to feel anything. Now I am listening and feeling. It’s good to have hope and know that there are possibilities out there.”